Running on Sunshine: Using Solar Energy in Vancouver to Fuel Cars

The shift in public attitude for electric vehicles is expected to solve numerous problems related to our current energy consumption. Right now 35% of British Columbia greenhouse gas emissions come from the transport sector. Reducing that level adds to the relief from the strain on over-reliance on non-renewable energy resources. With spikes in gasoline prices every year, it is becoming far costly (and impractical) to drive large, gas-guzzling automobiles around. The idea of charging up at a recharging station for far less will be the cheaper option, especially at stations using solar panels for Vancouver charging stations, such as those offered by Terratek Energy Solutions Inc.

You can save quite a bit by charging from the grid compared to gassing up (considering that you can get 43 miles for a dollar’s worth of electricity, with average cars going for an average of 24.9 miles per gallon).