Have Solar Panels in Vancouver Installed in Your Home and Gain its Benefits

People are constantly finding ways to “go green” and save the environment. One idea that has been thrown around for years is the usage of solar panels in Vancouver and elsewhere. It is one of the most prominent ideas where environmental-friendly solutions and cutting down on utility bills is concerned, and it is slowly making its way to homes everywhere.

Solar power systems work by getting clean, pure energy from the sun and turning this energy into electricity. With the traditional set-up, electricity is derived from fossil fuels which are burned in order to create energy. This process emits toxic gases which are the primary cause of pollution and global warming. On the other hand, solar power systems fight-off greenhouse gas emissions and global warming to lessen the dependence on fossil fuel.


Vancouver Solar Energy Possibilities: Installing Solar Panels at Home

With everyone being concerned about the environment, turning to renewable sources of energy has become a popular choice for many. Those seeking to bring solar energy to Vancouver houses can directly install photovoltaic panels to help power homes. Homes with access to solar energy can save on power bills and have an always-ready back-up source of electricity.

Before you begin counting how much you can save, however, you have to make sure that your home can handle solar panels.

Is Your Home Ready?

The biggest factor in checking whether a house is ready for solar panels is space. The ideal situation is to have a large, flat south-facing roof. This maximizes the amount of light that the solar panels can be exposed to. It would even be better if the roof was completely flat instead of sloped.

Reliable Solar Energy for Vancouver Households: Benefits and Concerns

However, since solar technology goes into sleep mode during sunless days, a lot of homeowners are apprehensive about it. Thus, companies that produce solar power for Vancouver—like Terratek Energy Solutions, Inc.—work to address that concern. For instance, the Grid-Tie system is backed up by a battery bank which is only to be used when power is not available.

Another example of these solutions is off-grid power systems, which can produce solar power for Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Okanagan homes without the need for grid service. Other solutions may also incorporate hybrid systems that include extra battery banks or generators well-suited for electric bill-free, blackout-proof, solar-powered homes.

Wind, Geothermal, and Solar Energy in Vancouver Could Soon Be the Norm

The civilization’s dependence on fossil fuels and their dwindling supply have prompted many businesses and residents to take a long, hard look at renewable energy sources like wind, geothermal, and solar. Detractors have raised their concerns, but the long-term benefits of renewable energy far outweigh the limitations, as described in Conserve Energy Future.

Vancouver Solar Power is as Cost-Competitive as Conventional Sources

Yet according to a study from Clean Energy Canada, the nation spent only $6.5 billion on renewable energy last year—a relatively small figure compared to the $207 billion spent globally. Speaking to CBC News, Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) President Elizabeth McDonald cites the fact that most Canadians are still unaware of the perks of solar and alternative energy in general as the foremost issue.
While issues still abound, the widespread use of efficient solar power in Vancouver and elsewhere isn’t far behind. The technology is getting better as of the moment, with skilled scientists, engineers, and other experts at the helm. Commercial and residential clients can turn to a company like Terratek Energy Solutions Inc for quality solar energy system installation.

Running on Sunshine: Using Solar Energy in Vancouver to Fuel Cars

The shift in public attitude for electric vehicles is expected to solve numerous problems related to our current energy consumption. Right now 35% of British Columbia greenhouse gas emissions come from the transport sector. Reducing that level adds to the relief from the strain on over-reliance on non-renewable energy resources. With spikes in gasoline prices every year, it is becoming far costly (and impractical) to drive large, gas-guzzling automobiles around. The idea of charging up at a recharging station for far less will be the cheaper option, especially at stations using solar panels for Vancouver charging stations, such as those offered by Terratek Energy Solutions Inc.

You can save quite a bit by charging from the grid compared to gassing up (considering that you can get 43 miles for a dollar’s worth of electricity, with average cars going for an average of 24.9 miles per gallon).

Off-Grid Solar Energy in Vancouver Rises Amidst an Aging Power Grid

Nowadays, a number of residents and companies in many parts of the country have taken it upon themselves to install grid tie systems like solar panels. In Vancouver, these systems are connected to Canada’s power grid but provide energy to the building or there neighbours. Those who subscribe to this system rely on harnessed solar energy in Vancouver to enjoy electricity without the high utility bills.

A well-designed grid tie system gives a house or building most if not all their power needs. Additionally, grid systems aren’t just limited to solar power in Vancouver; they can also be hybrids of solar and other energy sources, such as wind and geothermal.